Архив за день: 26 ноября, 2020

728 — “Girl in IT”

”Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it.” — Mark Twain

728 — “Girl in IT” — [27-Nov-2020]

[Girl in IT, Software, Programming, JavaScript, Teamwork]

— Emily
— Arina
— Konstantin
— Vano
— MeIr

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О себе:

— Where were you born? And where are you now?
— What your education?
— Why programming? What drove you to be programmer? What or who inspired you to be a developer?
— Did you find a difference between what you learned at college and workplace?
— How many years have you been developer?
— How do you find it so far?
— How did you get in into current job?
— Where are you heading (career/profession wise) in the future?
— How often/much do you copy/paste from stackoverflow?
— What’s difference between Enterprise vs Startup vs. Medium size company?
— Do you feel being different or specially treated at work?
— How often do you meet a collegue who claims that: “I can program” but in fact just talk a lot, move tasks to other people, make themselves look like geniuses, effectively hot air. How do you deal with them? Fire them outright or attempt to make them work?
— Do you have a take on software quality?
— JavaScript — how do you find the language?
— What hardware do you use? Mac vs PC?
— What are you thought on open source?
— How hard is it to develop and sell software product? Do you have to listen and follow requests from business or is it possible to sell your hobby?
— Which command do you use to deploy to prod.?
— Is it true that you (as asian) have a big accent (during university years)?